Feb 3 • 5HR 23M

The Incident at Ong's Hat: Behind the Scenes- Episode 3

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Joseph Matheny Blathers and Spews
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Here is a 5.5-hour collection of recordings I did in preparation for the BBC podcast series The Incident at Ong’s Hat.

I‘ll let you decide, after listening to it, if the desired outcome was achieved.

I have one more audio dump after this, and then I will be done with this companion podcast. Time to move on to other things.

Here is an RSS feed for your convenience, or you may wait for this Substack to remind you each Friday for the duration of the series.



Fringeware Review Interview with Joseph Matheny

Someone sent this to me recently. It's an interview Don Webb did with me in 1994 for the legendary Fringeware Review.

I had almost forgotten about this. After rereading this for the first time in many years, I have to say my attitude about "media" and "Art" hasn't changed much, and in fact, I've become even more radicalized about the "mind invaders."

FringeWare Review - Issue 5;
Publication date 1994-07-29
Complete issue: https://archive.org/details/FringeWare.Review.Issue.5.1994/page/n39/mode/2up



Ong’s Hat isn’t a place, it’s a world.
by waxbanks

Remember, in this world, there are Gary Buseys and Ari Golds. Be a Gary Busey.